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Bottle Service & Booth Reservation

Thank you for choosing TRUST COCKTAILS & SHAREABLES.

Must be 21 years of age or older to enter the venue.

Please note this is a reservation request form, it does not guarantee a reservation.  

• $50 Non refundable reservation fee is required to hold the booth reservations. You will receive a text message confirming the size of the group at which point you will receive a link to make the $50 payment, and we can answer any questions you may have.
•$50 Non refundable RESERVATION FEE , -Includes complementary  entry passes for your group (up to first  10 people under your name) till 11:00pm. There is No restrictions on how many people you can invite however the $50 only covers the first 10 before 11:00pm for free entry.  After 11:00 pm a $20 per person cover charge is in effect for everyone.If Your group is not checked in by 11:30 PM the venue reserves the right to re-assign the booth and your reservation may be canceled
-1 Liquor bottle or margarita tower minimum purchase is required . •Tapas and Dessert Menu as well as our Bottle Service menu is available online for your convenience.
  • Dress code in effect,  No sports wear.   Hats only allowed with dress shirts or blazers. No hoodies.  Athletic shoes ok as long as rest of outfit has effort.

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Opening Time



Free entry all night
No reservation Fees (Except if we have live performances)



Coming Soon



Friday Nightlife
'Hip-hop/R&B 10PM - 2AM



Saturday Nightlife
Dance/Top 40/House
10PM - 2AM



12PM - 4PM



Hip-Hop R&B

12PM - 4PM



Late Day Party
Hip-Hop / R&B 4:30PM - 10PM ish


TRUST Nightlife
205 W. Congress St.
Detroit, MI 48220


(313) 300-2750



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Thursday Booth Reservations


Friday Booth Reservations


Saturday Booth Reservations


Saturday Brunch (R&B 12pm-4pm)


Sunday Booth Reservations


Sunday Brunch (R&B 12pm-4pm)

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